How we hold your data


How we hold your contact information.

By requesting a quote, we will record the details of your quote on our CRM system. We hold this information to ensure we are ordering the correct spec quoted to you. Any emails will also be held on our Google Mail system.

Details kept on our CRM system will be logged under your company name (or your name if no company name is provided), along with your email address and/or telephone number for purposes of contacting you in relation to the job.

If the job is signed off, we will also require a delivery address for print delivery. This address will also be held under your company name on our CRM system for further orders.

As well as holding details on our CRM system and Google Mail, your name, email address and postal address may also be used on Xero for billing purposes and/or Mailchimp. We will only place you onto our Mailchimp list if you give prior consent.

We do not give out any personal information to unnecessary contacts. The only time we will give information will be:

  • To the print house, printing your order to label boxes.
  • To the courier for delivery

If you do not wish for us to hold any of the above information once the job is completed, please let us know.

How we store your artwork

When designing your artwork, we will save the design files to our company network. When going through the refinement stages, we may keep all the previous versions as well as the signed off version for future reference and reprints.

The final version is then handled by the print house for print and packaging.

We may also use final designs as samples and portfolio items. Portfolio items will be shown on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).

If you do not wish your artwork to be used for these purposes, please inform us prior to completion of the job.