5 things to make your stand ‘POP’

Exhibitions are big dates in a business calendar. A little extra thought can really make your table stand out from your competition, driving more business in your direction!

We have put together 5 things that will help bring you visitors to your stand and that all important ROI!

1. Pull Up Banners / Pop Up Displays

The worst thing to see at a show is a table with no character. It looks bland and uninteresting, which doesn’t inspire the passing trade to stop and chat as they don’t know what you to.

By producing a pull up banner or pop up display, your booth will instantly look fuller and colourful, showing your logo and what you actually do! Passing trade are then given the opportunity to start a conversation about your services.


2. Selfie Frame

Selfie is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”.

We’re sure that you have seen Selfie Frames over social media in the past year, from festivals to local events. People love a gimmick and more importantly, they get people involved with your brand in a fun way! This generates fantastic social media content for your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts and the people taking the photo will also likely share the photo, getting your brand more ‘air time’.


3. Promotional Items


Promo items , Giveaways or Goody bags.. everyone loves a freebie! We offer a wide range of branded giveaways, from pens and notepads to cotton shopping bags, water bottles and trolley coin keyrings! All useful items that will get your brand seen while your clients are out and about.

4. Personalised Table Cloth


A tablecloth can really help you stand out from the boring, non-dressed stands.. Apart from covering the pop up table, it’s also an opportunity to get your logo seen from afar and handy to cover any storage under the table like leaflet boxes and banner carry cases!


5. Information – and plenty of it!

Whether it’s an A5 leaflet, a brochure or presentation pack, be prepared with literature to give your visitors information on your

products and services. They can then take this away with them and read up when they have left the event, keeping you in the forefront of their mind. Ensure you have enough to not run out half way through the show!